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As a traveling Chef, it is important for me to create an experience as well as a work of art. A feeling of home, comfort, safety, and nourishment surrounded in good company. Meals are a time where we can gather, share, release and recharge, grow roots for relationships and deepen our connections.


Our healing begins from the inside, What we put into our body raises our vibration and sets a foundation for our health. Let this be a time to pause and nourish our minds, bodies, and souls. When I am in the Galley, I use all of my heart and am grateful for the abundance of ingredients our planet earth provides. Vegetarian myself, I take pride in specializing in Organic Gluten Free and plant powered concious cuisine. 


My cooking has brought me to different areas of the country and on multiple bodies of water, providing nourishment for retreat participants, fishermen, NOAA scientists, and Goddess's that gather. The diversity and challenges of having limited resources has formed my style to expand and flourish.

I understand and honor that sometimes there are hard times. When we need to eat but our hearts are too heavy and our appetites are too fragile. If you would like me to come over and cook, prep, or cater for you and your people, please know this service is available. Food is healing. 


Here is to the occasion that brings us around the table together,


I look forward to feeding you!


Private Retreat Gallery



Thank you for reaching out! I will be in touch!

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